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Electronic filing helps MassDEP manage projects and protect natural resources.

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MassDEP’s electronic filing system (eDEP) provides a convenient and paperless way to submit wetland permit applications and receive responses from Conservation Commissions. eDEP makes wetlands forms available to applicants and Conservation Commissions online and offers a number of features that make our electronic forms easier to use than paper copies.  We encourage you to try them by going to the eDEP Online Filing page to register and get started.

Wetland forms that you can access online include:

  1. WPA Form 3 - Notice of Intent (NOI)
  2. WPA Form 4A - Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD)
  3. WPA Form 4B - Order of Resource Area Delineation (ORAD)
  4. WPA Form 5 - Order of Conditions (OOC)

eDEP Registration & Training

To use these forms you must register online at the eDEP homepage.

Conservation Commissions are required to partake in a one-time eDEP registration and submit a proof-of-identity form to MassDEP. The registration process takes very little time; MassDEP approval of the proof-of-identity form takes approximately one week.

Our Wetlands Circuit Riders are available to answer any questions and to provide training if you need it. See contact information to the right or go to MassDEP’s Wetlands Circuit Rider Program webpage using the link below.

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Why eDEP NOI and ANRAD forms are great for applicants

  • Easier and quicker to use than paper forms.
  • MassDEP wetlands file numbers are faster to obtain with electronic submissions.
  • The eDEP forms gives you access to a "Map Viewer" that will automatically input the latitude and longitude into the form when applicants click on the project location. In addition, many other relevant MassGIS overlays are accessible by selecting the appropriate icon such as Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, Estimated Habitats of Certified Vernal Pools, Outstanding Resource Waters, Zone IIs for drinking water. Projects will then appear geographically in MassDEP's database.
  • Communicate with MassDEP quicker if you file electronically. Application payments can be made electronically by credit card or by electronic check to expedite fee processing and file number issuance. In addition, eDEP applicants receive an automatic email notification at the time a file number is issued.

Why eDEP OOC and ORAD forms are great for conservation commissions

  • Conservation Commissions save time because the OOC forms are pre-populated with much of the NOI data so that commissions will not have to complete every section.
  • A new electronic OOC special conditions "pick list" provides flexibility to tailor environmentally sound conditions.
  • Postage and mailing of the OOC to MassDEP is no longer be required.
  • Conservation Commissions may view the project site using a Map Viewer tool, adjust the latitude/ longitude if needed, consult maps for Natural Heritage, FEMA, ACECs and view wetland loss polygons, and basic information of project filings in their town.

Efficiencies for MassDEP

The NOI/OOC project location and filing information appears geospatially in MassDEP's wetlands database, allowing for wetland resource protection through expedited review, better data management, more timely responses, and prompt file number issuance.

For more information contact MassDEP's Regional Circuit Riders (see link below).

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