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Notice of Project Change Preparation and Filing

This Guide provides useful information and resources for filing a Notice of Project Change (NPC). An NPC is required if there is any material change to a project prior to the taking of all Agency Actions for the project or if there has been a lapse of time since the issuance of the ENF Certificate.

Table of Contents


The MEPA Office is continuing to operate remotely and only project submittals and other correspondence that are submitted electronically will be accepted during this time. Additional information regarding submission of MEPA filings, including an Electronic Distribution List, may be found here and supersedes the hard copy filing and distribution requirements identified below. 

Types of Notice of Project Change

A NPC may need to be filed due to a material change in the project or a lapse of time.

NPC for Project Change

A NPC must be filed if there is any material change in the Project prior to the taking of all agency actions. The NPC must specify the details of any change in the project and information provided in the previous review document.

NPC for Lapse of Time

A NPC must be filed if more than three (3) years have elapsed between:

  • the publication of the ENF and the publication of the availability of the SEIR or FEIR
  • the publication of the availability of the SEIR or FEIR and the earlier of:
    • notification of the commencement of construction and
    • commencement of non-construction work such as expenditure of funds for final design, property acquisition, or marketing

Preparing an NPC

Prior to filing the NPC, the Proponent may consult with the MEPA Office and any participating agencies to determine if an NPC is warranted.  The Proponent may also schedule a pre-filing meeting with the MEPA Office to discuss unique aspects of a project and how to address filing requirements.

The NPC submittal should include a completed NPC form which clearly identifies the MEPA review thresholds that the project meets or exceeds, any outstanding Agency Actions that it may require, and Agency Actions that have already been taken. Supplemental narrative and/or footnotes to tables in the NPC form may be used to clarify aspects of the project or its impacts.

The NPC should include a supporting project narrative with a detailed project change description, an alternatives analysis, evaluation of potential environmental impacts, and a description of mitigation measures.  Supporting studies or technical analysis may be appended to the ENF or provided as attachments.


Additional Resources for Preparing an NPC

Filing and Circulation Requirements

The following must be included with an NPC submittal to the MEPA Office:

  • Original signed NPC
  • One additional copy of the original signed NPC 
  • First three pages of the NPC (including project change summary, to be posted in the Environmental Monitor)
  • One electronic copy of the signed NPC 
  • The Following Attachments:
  1.  Secretary’s most recent Certificate on this project
  2. Plan showing existing conditions and most recent previously-reviewed proposed build condition
  3. Plan showing currently proposed build condition
  4. Original U.S.G.S. map or good quality color copy (8-1/2 x 11 inches or larger) indicating the project location and boundaries
  5. List of all agencies and persons to whom the proponent circulated the NPC, in accordance with 301 CMR 11.10(7)

Public Comment and Review Period

The 20-day public comment period begins when the project is published in the Environmental Monitor. 

At the Proponent's request and subject to the Secretary's approval, the comment period may be extended.

Within 10 days of the close of the comment period, the Secretary will issue a Certificate on the NPC and whether the project change or lapse of time warrants further MEPA review by submission of a new ENF or supplemental EIR, or changes to a Scope.

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