Guide Programs in Partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation

In conjunction with the Arbor Day Foundation, the Department of Conservation and Recreation's Urban and Community Forestry program administers the annual Tree City USA , Tree Line USA and Tree Campus USA program to provides public attention and national recognition for local commitments to community trees and forests.

Table of Contents

Tree City USA

deadline is December 31, 2019

DCR is responsible for reviewing Tree City USA applications from Massachusetts to ensure that the information is current, accurate, and complete. We then recommend applicants for the award to the National Arbor Day Foundation.

The Arbor Day Foundation now makes the entire application process available on-line. DCR prefers that Cities and Towns use this on-line tool for the application process. However, if you need to fill out a paper application, please find below DCR instructions for submitting the application and the additional documentation required.

Please note: For both paper and online applications, please refer to the application instructions below for detailed information on the requirements for applications. Tree City USA and Growth Award applications can be found at the Arbor Day web site.

Additional Resources for Tree City USA

Tree Line USA

Annual deadline is December 31

Tree Line USA recognizes public and private utilities for practices that “protect and enhance” the urban forest. There are five core standards that companies meet. The goals of Tree Line USA are to promote a safe, reliable electric service and healthy trees in utility service areas.

The annual deadline to apply is December 31. 

Tree Campus USA

Annual deadline is December 31

The Tree Campus USA program recognizes college campuses for management of trees and for student and community involvement. Tree Campus USA has five core standards that schools must meet to be eligible.

The annual deadline to apply is December 31.