Stormwater Outreach Materials to Help Towns Comply with the MS4 Permit

Look here for resources for assisting municipalities to comply with EPA's new MS4 permit.

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Overview: Outreach Requirements of the MS4 Permit

The MS4 permit requires each town to implement a public education and outreach program that reaches four different audiences and that includes messages that are most relevant to that community. Towns can click on the links below to download - and save - brochures, pamphlets and other materials and use those to help comply with Section 2.3.2.c of the MS4 Permit.

The permit, maps for each town, permit history, compliance tools, and permit contact information are available here:

Massachusetts Small MS4 General Permit

GUIDANCE FOR USING THESE DOCUMENTS: Permission has been granted by the authors to copy and redistribute any of these documents as long as the author’s information is left as is on the document. With a few exceptions, towns can also customize the document to add their name and contact information. With your word processor use the “Save As” command to save the document; then you can make your edits. Depending on the document, edits can range from simply filling in the “Distributed By” box with your town’s contact information to changing anything in the document. Please call DEP’s dedicated MS4 staff at 617-556-1157 if you have any questions.

MassDEP and EPA encourage you to work with other towns, community groups, watershed associations or Stormwater Coalitions as you implement your Public Education program. MassDEP also invites you to visit Think Blue Massachusetts, an online educational campaign to encourage stormwater reduction. 

Key Actions   for Overview: Outreach Requirements of the MS4 Permit

For Residents

For Commercial Entities

For Developers

Common and Effective Construction BMPs

How Low-Impact Development (LID) Principles and Technologies Reduce Development Cost

Disturbing an Acre or More: How to Comply with EPA's Construction General Permit

For Industrial Users

How to Manage Stormwater at Industrial Sites

Industrial Stormwater Best Management Practices

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