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Telework & Cybersecurity Fundamentals

With all levels of government and businesses across the country urging employees to work remotely to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, now’s a good time to review the security settings of your home network and pay close attention to business-specific guidance.

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Keep your information safe while working remotely

Cybersecurity is always a priority of the Commonwealth. With a hybrid work environment that may have a number of employees working from home, hackers and criminals will likely use world events as an opportunity to develop, enhance, and provide cover for their schemes. By following the below-recommended steps and mitigations, we can better protect ourselves in these extraordinary times.

Now’s a good time to review the security settings of your home network and pay close attention to business-specific guidance:

· Secure your home WiFi network with encryption (e.g. WPA2) and a strong password.

· Keep your devices, operating systems, and applications up to date. Routinely check for new updates and consider enabling automatic updates for security patches. Be sure to update all devices that connect to the internet such as baby monitors, televisions, and refrigerators. These devices are often overlooked and can pose a significant risk to your home network if not updated.

· Enhance passwords across all mediums (e.g., applications, social media, personal email, physical devices) and enable multi-factor authentication (a password plus another requirement such as code sent to via text message) wherever possible. Passwords should not be easily guessed and should not include information such as your address or personal names.

· Be aware of the classification of data associated with your work and ensure that it is handled in accordance with published Enterprise Policy.

· Utilize business-issued/authorized cloud service solutions (e.g., OneDrive, SharePoint) for file storage and transfer.

· Please see Enterprise guidelines and policies for additional guidance on telecommuting. If an exception to policy becomes necessary, a Policy Exception Request can be submitted through ServiceNow.

· If you suspect your account or network has been compromised, please reach out to the EOTSS Service Desk.

EOTSS remains committed to maintaining the security standards currently in place, please remember that security is a shared responsibility.

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