Using your Farmers Market Coupons

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A farmers' market is a place where farmers sell their products directly to consumers. You’ll find them set up once or twice a week in your community selling fresh, just-picked seasonal Massachusetts-grown fruits and vegetables. Farmers’ markets serve not just as a place for buying fresh produce, but also as a place for people to connect as a community, build relationships and learn where food comes from. Support your health and your local farmers by buying nutritious fresh foods!

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Using Your Farmers' Market Coupons

What Are Farmers’ Market Coupons?

These are coupons that can be used to purchase fresh picked vegetables and fruits grown and sold by local farmers at farmers’ markets. The coupons cannot be used at the grocery store.

What Can You Buy With the Coupons?

You can use your coupons to buy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, and fresh cut herbs. Seniors can also use their coupons to buy honey. Other items available for sale at the market cannot be purchased with farmers’ market coupons. Fruit and vegetable choices may differ from market to market and at different times during the season. Not every market will have the same items – it depends on what your local farmer is growing!

How Do I Use Them?


  • Coupons can only be accepted by participating farmers at farmers’ markets or farm stands. Check the opening and closing dates for the markets at our searchable map
  • Each coupon is worth $2.50 and no change can be given. It is recommended that you bring small bills and change. In the event that you go over the amount, you will need to pay the difference.
  • Coupons expire October 31st. You cannot use last year's coupons.

Look for the Signs

Look for the green and white signs that say Farmers Market Coupons Accepted. Many farmers’ markets also accept SNAP benefits (Food Stamps). Some may even double the value! Go to our searchable map to find out if your market accepts SNAP or check with the farmers’ market manager.

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