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Guide Work Schedules

Information on alternative work options for Executive Department employees such as flextime, staggered hours, compressed work week, telecommuting, working part-time, or job-sharing.

Table of Contents



What is flextime?

Flextime permits employees to establish variable arrival and departure times within guidelines established by agency management.

Sample flextime plan

Job Sharing

Job-Sharing: Job-sharing enables two (or more) employees to share the responsibilities assigned to one specified position.

Job-Sharing Guidelines

Part-time employment

Part-time: A part-time employee is scheduled to work at least half-time but less than full-time.

Part-Time Employment Guidelines

Compressed Work Weeks (4 days)

Compressed workweeks are a form of flextime enabling employees to work four or four-and-one-half day workweeks.


What is telecommuting? 

Telecommuting is the act of working at an alternative work location rather than physically travelling back and forth to a designated site. Essentially, telecommuters "commute" to work with technical equipment rather than by car or public transit, typically one to two (1-2) days a week.

Telecommuting Policy

Telecommuter Agreement

Telecommuting Frequently Asked Questions

Telecommuting Memo

Staggered Work Hours

Staggered Work Hours enables employees to establish fixed arrival and departure times other than the standard 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.