Hoarders, clutterers, pack rats, and collectors are some of the common words used to identify and describe people with a lot of stuff in their apartment, house, office, storage unit, car and/or yard.

The accumulation of objects can become a serious safety and health problem, interfere with one's activities of daily living and/or violate housing codes that may lead to eviction or condemnation. When animals are hoarded, the violations and potential penalties become even greater. Additional authorities may become involved to address the criminal conditions affecting the dependent animals, as well as dependent humans in the household.

These web pages can be helpful for people who:
• love or care about some one who hoards,
• struggles with it themselves or
• are working in a professional capacity with a hoarder.

Organizations working with people who hoard may include:
• public health departments,
• housing providers,
• courts,
• mental health professionals,
• social service providers of all kinds,
• elder services,
• visiting nurses and home care organizations,
• legal services and housing lawyers,
• clean-up companies,
• adult, child or animal protective services and
• fire, police and emergency medical technicians.

This site has general information as well as links to related professional, service, government, academic and self-help sites.

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