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Adopt-A-Visibility Site

By using volunteer resources, we can upgrade and maintain high visibility areas and off ramps on state highways.


The Details of Adopt-A-Visibility Site

What you need for Adopt-A-Visibility Site

The Adopt-A-Visibility Site Program is for people who want to assist in beautifying their community. Participants can include local interest groups such as:

  • Garden clubs
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Scouting and youth groups
  • Local businesses

Participants agree to provide - but are not necessarily limited to, the following services:

  • Litter removal, setting up a schedule for routine patrolling of assigned areas
  • Beautification/landscaping, installing of flowerbeds, shrubs, trees and other landscaping
  • Mowing and trimming
  • Vegetation management, clearing vegetation from walks, drains and curbing; weeding flowerbeds; thinning out wooded areas and clearing safety sightlines within highway layouts

Fees for Adopt-A-Visibility Site

Funding and materials for these projects are the responsibility of the participant.

How to apply Adopt-A-Visibility Site

To apply online, please email

Next steps for Adopt-A-Visibility Site

Review safety training

Watch the safety video on MassDOT's YouTube channel.

More info about Adopt-A-Visibility Site

We will provide:

  • Safety training and guidelines, safety vests, hard hatsĀ and plastic litter bags for clean-up projects
  • A sign recognizing the adopting group's contributions
  • Names of participating groups to local media interested in covering Adopt-A-Visibility Site activities

Contact for Adopt-A-Visibility Site


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