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Apply for Tuition Benefit

Tuition Benefit is available to eligible state employees & their spouses. It provides partial to full remission of tuition for programs & courses taken on the employee's own time at public community colleges, state colleges & state university campuses.

MassHR Employee Service Center

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The Commonwealth's primary educational offering is a tuition remission program available to eligible state employees and their spouses. It provides partial to full remission of tuition for programs and courses taken on the employee's own time at public community colleges, state colleges, and state university campuses.

Employees in agencies that are supported by the ESC can apply online. The MassHR Employee Service Center will be your first point of contact for questions with the Tuition Remission eForm and procedure. For employees in agencies that are not supported by the ESC, complete the paper form below and return it to your human resources department. 

Program Eligibility

At the time you submit your application certificate, you or your spouse must:

  • Be a full-time state employee
  • Get paid from the AA subsidiary
  • Have at least 6 months of full-time service (or equal part-time service)

Please read the full Tuition Benefit Guidelines to find out if you're eligible.

If you are the spouse of a state employee, you will need to provide proof of marriage to receive benefits. This will usually be a marriage certificate. The agency's human resources director will verify and notate the proof of marriage on your application form.

How to apply   Apply for Tuition Benefit

If your agency participates in the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC), you should apply using the Tuition Benefit eForm.  

If not, please print and fill out the tuition remission paper form in the Downloads section and submit to you human resources department.



For employees in agencies  that don’t participate in the Employee Service Center (ESC):

Complete a paper form and return to your human resources office

Tuition Remission Paper Form

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Please read the Tuition Benefit Guidelines to determine if you or your spouse is eligible for this benefit before completing the Tuition Remission Certificate.

You must be a full-time state employee, paid from the AA subsidiary, with at least six (6) months of full-time service, or equivalent part-time service, at the time you submit this certificate.

Certificates are to be completed in ink.

Proof of Marriage, like a Marriage Certificate, is needed if the Tuition Remission benefit is being used by your spouse. Your agency's Human Resources Director will verify the proof of marriage and write a description of the proof on the line provided.

Complete Sections I, II, and III. Section IV is to be filled out by your agency's Human Resources Director/designee. Section V is to be completed by your Agency Head/designee. All sections must be completed for the certificate to be valid.

Your Human Resources Director will return the authorized signed certificate to you. Keep a copy for your records. You must then submit this certificate with the tuition bill, or at the time of registration, to the Public Community College, State College, or University of Massachusetts campus you or your spouse will be attending.

This Certificate is valid for 120 days from the date of issue by your Agency Head/designee. A new certificate is required for each academic semester.

Please note: these forms are no longer sent to HRD for approval.

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