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Become a State Trooper

In order to be considered as a candidate, there are certain qualifications and prerequisites you must have.

Recruitment and Diversity Office

The Details   of Become a State Trooper

What you need   for Become a State Trooper

In order to be appointed to the State Police Academy, you must:

How to apply   Become a State Trooper

Please check the Civil Service's website for updates on exam announcements.

Interested in learning more? Complete our Recruitment Interest Form to be contacted by one of our recruiters.

Next steps   for Become a State Trooper

Academy Training

Once appointed, you'll be required to complete training at the State Police Academy where you'll be required to stay Monday through Friday throughout the training period.

The training program itself is both mentally and physical challenging as recruits receive classroom instruction and physical training in a strict paramilitary environment. Those who graduate do so with the confidence and knowledge needed to be part of the Massachusetts State Police.

The curriculum includes areas such as:

  • Criminal law
  • Motor vehicle law
  • Evidence identification
  • Firearms
  • Public speaking
  • Self-defense tactics
  • Defensive driving
  • Patrol procedures
  • Military drills
  • Court procedures
  • Ethics
  • Diversity awareness
  • Community policing

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