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Change or cancel camping reservations today

Campground staff handle all last-minute reservation changes. Call the campground directly if you have to change or cancel on the day of arrival.

Department of Conservation and Recreation

The Details

What you need

If you're running late, have some idea of when you will arrive. 


Name Fee Unit
Cancellation fee $10 each

How to update

Call your campground from the list below to tell them about changes or cancellations. 

If canceling, you will be charged a cancellation fee and the first night's fee. All other nights will be refunded.

Campground Phone

Beartown State Forest

Boston Harbor Islands

Camp Nihan

Clarksburg State Park

DAR State Forest

Erving State Forest

Federated Women's Club

Granville State Forest

Harold Parker State Forest

Horseneck Beach State Res.

Lake Dennison Recreation Area

Mohawk Trail State Forest

Mt Greylock State Res.

Mt Washington State Forest

Myles Standish State Forest

Nickerson State Park

October Mountain State Forest

Otter River State Forest

Pearl Hill State Park

Pittsfield State Forest

Salisbury Beach State Res.

Savoy Mountain State Forest

Scusset Beach State Res.

Shawme Crowell State Forest

Tolland State Forest

Waquoit Bay

Wells State Park

Willard Brook State Forest

Wompatuck State Park

(413) 528-0904

(781) 740-1605

(781) 231-1203

(413) 664-8345

(413) 268-7098

(978) 544-7745

(978) 544-3939

(413) 357-6611

(978) 475-7972

(508) 636-8817

(978) 297-1609

(413) 339-5504

(413) 499-4262

(413) 528-0330

(508) 866-2526

(508) 896-3491

(413) 243-1778

(978) 939-8962

(978) 597-2850

(413) 442-8992

(978) 463-8714

(413) 663-8469

(508) 888-0859

(508) 888-0351

(413) 269-6002

(508) 457-0495

(508) 347-9257

(978) 597-8802

(617) 895-8245

More info

If you don't call the campground, you might lose your reservation and refund. 



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