Complete a Property Questionnaire

Complete a property questionnaire to request that DPH screen the address for environmental hazards.

Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education

The Details of Complete a Property Questionnaire

What you need for Complete a Property Questionnaire

You’ll need basic information to give to DPH such as the address of your new location and your contact information to get the results.

The questionnaire will ask for information about the new location, such as what businesses are nearby and what was there before. Answer the questions you know and check off “Don’t know” if you don’t know the answer.

How to start Complete a Property Questionnaire

Go to Property Questionnaire website.

More info for Complete a Property Questionnaire

Who should participate?

New group and school-aged early education and care programs or existing programs moving to a new location should participate.

Is it required?

No, participation is voluntary.

Why participate?

DPH can help you check for possible environmental hazards and give you advice to keep kids safe.

How to participate?

Fill out a property questionnaire with information about your new location.

What to expect?

DPH’s property check is free.

DPH will email you in a few days when the property check is done. The email will tell you if a potential hazard was found.

If a hazard seems possible, DPH will do more research to find out if there is a hazard. DPH may contact you, the property owner, and others for more information.

DPH will contact you with recommendations if a hazard is found.

Legal language

Recommendations made pursuant to MDPH’s Choose Safe Places Program are based on publicly-available data and information at the time of the screen. For this reason, MDPH cannot guarantee all possible environmental hazards will be identified. If remediation, follow-up testing, or other work is conducted as a result of MDPH recommendations, MDPH is not responsible for any costs associated with those activities. Please note that any data submitted by the participant or produced by MDPH during the site screening process is considered public and will be shared with any party who requests it.

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