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Victim Service Coordinators are available at regional offices statewide to provide information, support, and assistance to witnesses, victims of crime, and their family members throughout the parole process.

Victim Service Coordinators


Director of Victim Service Unit, Katherine Moran

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If you or your family member has been victim of a crime, and are registered for notification by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS), a Victim Service Coordinator can:

  • Provide you with notifications on all parole related events
  • Provide updates and information about parolees and the parole process
  • Explain the parole process and how you can participate
  • Accompany you to parole hearings whenever victim attendance is allowed
  • Provide assistance with writing victim input statements
  • Provide referrals to community and state criminal justice victim service resources, and assist with victim compensation, and CORI certification

How to find   Contact Victim Service Coordinators

A victim of crime must be certified by the DCJIS to receive information regarding an offender. We will help you register, please call us for assistance at 508-650-4543.

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