Establish a delayed record of marriage

If you were married in Massachusetts over 365 days ago, you can still register your marriage with the state.

Registry of Vital Records and Statistics



The Details

What you need

Notice of Intention of Marriage

Go to either the State Registry or the city or town clerk in the community where you applied for a license. This license is a Notice of Intention of Marriage. If you were married in Massachusetts without a license, call the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics before continuing.

Negative Statement

Before you apply, you will need to search the registry to see if your marriage record already exists. If we can't find your record, we will send you a Negative Statement. You need this statement to apply for a delayed record.

Evidence the marriage took place

We need evidence that proves the marriage took place. This could be:

  • A certified copy of the marriage from records of the person performing the marriage.
  • A notarized statement from at least two witnesses.
    • In this case, also include a statement on why the individual performing the marriage does not have records of the marriage.
  • A newspaper report of the events.

The Registry accepts cash and checks. Make checks payable to the order of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Name Fee Unit
Cost of establishment $50 per record

How to apply

Visit the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics with the above documentation and the fee.

Next steps

If your request was denied

If your request to establish a record of your marriage is denied, you may petition the Massachusetts probate court.



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