Housing Choice Community Grant Program

Competitive capital grant program open to municipalities that have achieved the Housing Choice Designations. Grants fund infrastructure improvements in those communities that have shown commitment to advancing sustainable housing production.
Community One Stop application period is from May 3, 2021 through June 4, 2021

Filipe Zamborlini, Community Grants Coordinator, Community Services Division

The Details of Housing Choice Community Grant Program

What you need for Housing Choice Community Grant Program

The Housing Choice Community Grant Program rewards municipalities that have produced a significant number of housing units in the last five years and that have adopted or established Best Practices that encourage housing production. This competitive grant program awards funds based on the project’s nexus with housing, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, and community development. See the program guidelines below for a full description of the Housing Choice Community Grant Program.

To apply, you must have a CURRENT Housing Choice Designation.

Learn about the projects that have been awarded Housing Choice Grants.


A list of all designated Housing Choice communities can be found on our Housing Choice Designation page.


Housing Choice Community Grants FY23 Guidelines




How to apply Housing Choice Community Grant Program

This program is part of the Community One Stop for Growth, a single application portal and collaborative review process of community and economic development grant programs that make targeted investments based on a Development Continuum. This process streamlines the experience for the applicant and better coordinates programs and staff on engagement and grant making. It also reorients the State from a passive reviewer of funding requests to an active partner in economic development strategy, priorities, and investment. Access to this program is exclusively available through the One Stop. Learn more about the One Stop.

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