How to Complete a Pooled Fund Worksheet

Pooled funds are investment vehicles such as mutual funds, commingled funds, group trusts, real estate funds, limited partnership funds, and alternative investments.
The worksheet is completed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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Please note: the form has been updated to reflect the new accounts, as addressed in PERAC Memo #9, 2019

The distinguishing feature of a pooled fund is that a number of retirement boards or investors contribute money to the fund. This contrasts with a separate account in which only one retirement board or investor contributes money. PERAC requires a monthly or quarterly fund manager's statement for each pooled fund investment the retirement system holds. the fund manager's statement must contain the following six elements of information:

  1. Beginning and ending value of the board's investment in the pooled fund
  2. Realized or unrealized gains and losses 
  3. Income either received by the board or reinvested
  4. Cash or stock distributions 
  5. Purchases or sales of additional units of the fund
  6. Expenses such as management fees

PERAC has designed the Pooled Fund Worksheet to aid in providing this information. However, as long as the fund manager's statement contains all six elements, it may be submitted instead of the pooled fund worksheet. Retirement boards should send copies of the pooled fund worksheet (or manager's statement" within four weeks of the close of each month. 

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Complete the Pooled Fund Worksheet Form online.

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