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How To Schedule a File Review

An awarding authority shall consider the information submitted in the update statement and must review the contractor's certification file.
DCAMM must be given at least 24 hour notice in advance of any file review.

DCAMM Contractor Certification Office


Certification Office Direct Dial 857-204-1305

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Reviewing Contractors Certification Files

Public awarding authorities and/or owner’s project managers are strongly encouraged to review the certification files of bidders being considered for a Chapter 149 or 149A bid.  

Architects, engineers, construction managers, or other officials representing  awarding authorities seeking to review contractors’ files must provide a letter of authorization from the respective awarding authority confirming approval to review files on behalf of the awarding authority.

Awarding authorities can now view contractor files in the Contractor Certification Office or electronically.

All reviewers must provide a signed letter acknowledging confidentiality of contractors’ files.


How to schedule

Please email or call 857-204-1388 to make this request.

Next steps

  1. Complete Contractor File Review Form

  2. List Contractors to be reviewed

    List the contractor's full name and contractor ID if available

  3. Email form to DCAMM

    Once the File Review form has been completed with the appropriate information email it to 



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