Public Water Supply Annual Statistical Reporting via eDEP

Instructions for Public Water Suppliers who need to submit their Annual Statistical Report to the MassDEP Drinking Water Program
The deadline for submitting the 2017 ASR is Monday, April 30, 2018.

MassDEP Drinking Water Program

The Details

How to report

Annual Statistical Reports should be completed on line using eDEP.  Login to eDEP.


More info

This video shows and explains to viewers the updates to the Annual Statistical Reports (eASRs) in MassDEP's electronic filing system (eDEP):  Electronic Filing Video

Your proofed eDEP accounts from last year's filing will provide you access to this year's eASR.  Login to eDEP

Instructions for Electronic Annual Statistical Reporting (eASR) Detailed instructions for filing statistical reports using eDEP.

Annual Statistical Reporting Worksheet - Confidently Estimated Use  Use this worksheet to record water used for flow testing during the year.

Annual Statistical Reporting Worksheet - Estimating Population for RGPCD Worksheet for estimating the residential population served by a public water supply.

If you have any questions please email Andrew Durham at or Tio Yano at


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