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Recycling Business Development Grants

This program helps Massachusetts recycling processors and manufacturers create sustainable markets for eligible materials. Selected applicants receive grant awards of between $50,000 and $400,000.
Award cycles and application due dates vary from year to year.

MassDEP Bureau of Air & Waste: Recycling Business Development Grants

The Details of Recycling Business Development Grants

What you need for Recycling Business Development Grants

An applicant for RDBG funding must:

  • Be a company or corporation (for-profit or non-profit) properly licensed to do business in Massachusetts.
  • Operate a location in Massachusetts where the proposed recycling or recycling-related activity such as aggregation, processing, reclaiming or reuse will occur.
  • Recycle, aggregate, process, reclaim or reuse one or more specific eligible materials (see Eligibility Requirements below for a list).
  • Have been in substantial compliance with federal and state environmental laws for the past three years.
  • Provide a minimum financial match of 25 percent.

All grants made under the RBDG program should provide a measurable economic benefit to Massachusetts.

How to apply Recycling Business Development Grants

Email your completed application form as a PDF attachment to:

Next steps for Recycling Business Development Grants

  1. Review the Eligibility Criteria

    MassDEP will fund only projects that are related to the following list of eligible materials (which it reserves the right to amend between grant cycles):

    • Container glass;
    • Comingled recyclables handled by MRFs;
    • Mattresses;
    • Construction and demolition wood - clean wood; and
    • Bulky rigid and mixed 3-7 plastics.

    The agency will not consider projects to increase the recycling of materials not listed.

    There are other specific applicant, material, and activity requirements and exclusions. Please see the application for details.

  2. Complete Your Application

    You may fill out and save the Microsoft Word form on your computer. The PDF version has to be printed out and completed by hand.

  3. Submit Your Application to MassDEP

    There are two deadlines for applying in 2018: June 29 and October 5. Email your completed application form as a PDF attachment to:

  4. MassDEP Reviews All Applications

    The agency will evaluate:

    • Each applicant's capabilities and experience;
    • The extent to which the proposed project fosters stronger local recycling markets;
    • The technical feasibility of the investment;
    • The applicant’s financial match; and
    • The likelihood of success and continued sustainability of the investment after the grant.

    MassDEP may require a site visit and/or interview with the top ranked applicants as part of the evaluation. 

  5. Sign a Grant Agreement with MassDEP

    If your organization is selected to receive a MassDEP Recycling Business Development Grant, it will need to sign a contract that stipulates, among other things:

    • MassDEP staff reserves the right to visit your Massachusetts location(s) during the grant period.

    • All funds for RBDG grants are distributed on a reimbursement and/or performance basis. Any purchases you make before signing the contract will not be reimbursed.

    • MassDEP will hold the final ten percent (10%) of your organization's grant funds until you have submitted a final report in an approved format to the agency.

    Other specific terms and conditions will be outlined in the grant agreement.

Contact for Recycling Business Development Grants


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