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Instructions for renewing your veterinary medicine license online
You will recieve a hard copy of your license approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of the submission of your renewal

Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine

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Renewing Your Veterinary Medicine License

General Information

Effective for the 2018-2019 renewal cycle, the Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine requires all licensees to renew online through the Division of Professional Licensure's (DPL) e-Place Portal. All licensees will receive a renewal notice by mail approximately sixty (60) to ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date of February 28th. The renewal notice will contain an authorization code that allows license holders to renew through the e-Place portal. Licensees may no renew any earlier than 90 days prior to February 28th.

Renewing Online

If you have not previously renewed your license online, please review our detailed instructions for doing so. Your will need your authorization code, which can be obtained from the renewal notice mailed to your address or record, or by contacting the Board office at 617-727-5899 or

If you have renewed online in prior cycles, please use your previously created logon and password to login to the ePLACE Portal. After logging in, an option to renew should appear to the right of your license information.  

Updating Your Address of Record

Licensees are reminded that is their obligation to provide the Board will a current mailing address where they can reliably receive correspondence from the Board. If you have moved or changed employers within the last year, please complete the Board's Change of Address form and return it as soon as possible. Failure to provide this forms prior to the mailing of the license renewal forms by the Board may impede your ability to renew your license.

Receiving the Hard Copy of Your License

Upon successfully completing the online renewal process and submitting payment, your license will be considered renewed. However, please be aware that it will take approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks from the date that you submit your license online to receive the hard copy of your license in the mail. The hard copy will be sent to your address of record the Board has on file. Please be sure to update your address prior to submitting your renewal. Failure to do so may delay the receipt of the hard copy of your license. 

While you are waiting to receive the hard copy of your license, you may verify your license status by using the DPL's Check a License database. For the Board's purposes, you may use a printout of your search result as proof of licensure while you await the hard copy of your license. Please note that the database may take twenty four (24) to forty eight (48) hours to update following the submission of your renewal online. If your information does not update after forty eight (48) hours, please contact the Board office at 617-727-5899 or

Fees for Renewing Your License

The renewal fee for the current license cycle is $125. A late fee of $57.00 is assessed against all renewals submitted after the renewal deadline. Neither the renewal fee nor the late fee can be waived or refunded. In addition, be advised that a small convenience fee may by assessed by DPL's payment vendor during the online submission process.

Continuing Education Requirements

All licensees are reminded that they must complete the annual continuing education requirement prior to submitting their renewal. Pursuant to  256 Code of Mass Regulations (CMR) 9.00, all licensees must complete fifteen (15) hours of continuing education credits during the calendar year (January 1st - December 31st) prior to their renewal date. All courses must be completed through a Board-approved provider. For more information on the annual continuing education requirement, please review the 256 CMR 9.00, as well as any relevant Board Policies and Guidelines on continuing education.

Licensees are only required to attest to completion of the requirement during the renewal process, and do not need to submit or upload copies of course certificates. Be advised that falsely attesting to completion of the annual requirement will result in disciplinary action against your license. 

In addition, the Board requires licensees to retain copies of certificates showing completion of the annual requirement for the four (4) years prior to your current license cycle. You may be required to produce these documents in the event that you r license is randomly selected for audit by the Board or if a complaint is filed against your license.



How to renew Renew Your Veterinary Medicine License

Effective for the 2018-2019 renewal cycle, all renewals must be completed online.

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