Reporting purchases as a primary buyer

As a primary buyer, you must report your purchases of seafood and bait. A primary buyer is a MA Seafood Dealer who buys directly from fishermen, or a fisherman who sells product they have caught. Read on to learn how to report your purchases.

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If you are a dealer who reports electronically under Federal requirements, continue to report electronically. Otherwise, follow state requirements for reporting your purchases.

The state requires you to report all transactions with fishermen, including bait transactions and sales by fishermen acting as their own dealer.

Reporting periods begin at 00:01 on Sunday and end at 24:00 on the following Saturday.

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Visit the SAFIS Login page to begin reporting your purchase information.

As of January 1, 2020, all dealer reports must be entered online.

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Transactions for a reporting period must be received no later than 24:00 on Tuesday of the following week, or within 3 days of the end of the week. The primary buyer must file a negative report if they did not buy any marine species in a reporting period.

If you don't have price information for a transaction, and won't have it until after the reporting deadline, you can update the transaction after the reporting period. Simply log into SAFIS and edit the transaction. Edits may be made for 90 days.

Electronic reporting through the SAFIS program is mandatory as of January 1, 2020. You will need an online account to use the SAFIS program. To get an account, contact Kim Lundy by phone at (978) 282-0308 x 117 or by email at Please also contact Kim for paper reports if you need them to finish reporting for 2019.

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