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Request a transfer of a commercial fishing permit or endorsement

You may be able to transfer either a coastal lobster permit or limited entry endorsements. Find out how to request a transfer of your commercial fishing permit.
Transfer requests are processed on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Boston office for an update on your transfer request.

Division of Marine Fisheries - Boston Office

The Details

What you need

What you need:

  • A Request for Verification of Permit Transferability form

The person receiving the permit will need:

  • A Request for Verification of Experience form and one or more of the following to verify experience:
    • A tax return (1099) from a captain, vessel owner, or company you worked with before
    • Copies of vessel trip reports (VTRs) that show you are an operator or permit holder

    • Catch reports from a permit you held or currently hold

How to request

Next steps

Transfer packet

If DMF's director approves your transfer request, then you and the permit recipient will receive and complete a transfer packet. Your signatures must be notarized. Finally, the Division of Marine Fisheries will review the transfer packet for final approval, and contact you and the permit recipient. 

More info

You must work through the DMF's Boston office because state regulations prohibit the transfer, loan, lease, exchange, barter or sale of any permit without permission of the Director, who works from this office. (See Ch 130 sec 2 and 322 CMR 7.01(14)(e).

Criteria for transferring either a Coastal Lobster permit or other limited entry endorsement is governed by separate regulations: 322 CMR 7.03 and 322 CMR 7.06. Coastal Lobster permit holders in two discrete lobster management areas are allowed to transfer trap allocations between eligible permit holders.   




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