Request for mediation

Mediation is a type of dispute resolution at the BSEA. Learn how and when to request mediation to resolve your dispute.

Bureau of Special Education Appeals

The Details of Request for mediation

What you need for Request for mediation

The following can request mediation:

  • parents

  • guardians

  • educational surrogate parents

  • students 18 or over

  • representatives of school districts

  • advocates

  • attorneys

Mediation can be requested when:

  • The I.E.P. is rejected in full or in part or when there is a disagreement regarding evaluations, eligibility, placement or implementation of the I.E.P.

  • There is a disagreement between the parents and the school district regarding the student’s special education needs.

  • There is a disagreement about a 504 Accommodation Plan.

How to request Request for mediation

To request mediation call the BSEA:


Contact for Request for mediation

14 Summer Street, 4th floor, Malden, MA 02148
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