You can help keep the highways clean by sponsoring litter removal.


Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation

Adopt A Highway Litter Removal Service of America

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If your company wants to use this program to sponsor a highway, you can hire one of these maintenance providers to perform the clean up services:

  • Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation
  • Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America (AAHLRSA)

How to start   Sponsor-a-Highway

Contact these authorized Maintenance Providers:

It is recommended that sponsors review bids from both providers since contracts are between the sponsor and maintenance provider.

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The program provides civic-minded companies an opportunity to "sponsor" segments of highways. Each segment is approximately 2 miles long and is awarded on a first come, first-served basis. Only state highways and routes under MassDOT jurisdiction are eligible under this program.

At the start of each sponsored segment, a sign will be placed to recognize the sponsor’s contribution. Maintenance Providers are responsible for sign fabrication and installation. Sponsor sign dimensions are 60" X 42" and on Cape Cod, 48" X 36". The sign recognition panel will allow for the sponsor to place:

  • corporate logos
  • colors
  • identifiable messages, i.e. Golden Arches for McDonalds

Phone numbers and web addresses are not allowed unless listed as sponsor’s legal name.

Sponsor funded maintenance providers conduct 14-24 litter cleanings per year.  In comparison, Adopt-a-Highway programs perform 6 to 8 cleans. The higher number of litter cleans throughout the year enhance the natural beauty of Massachusetts' roadways.

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