Tool Barn Program

A program to assist in the repair and maintenance of state facilities. The Tool Barn lends out a variety of tools and equipment to agencies based on the program guidelines.

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The Tool Barn is a program available to state agencies as a resource to assist them in the repair and maintenance of their agency’s buildings.  This program was started several years ago on the request of MAFMA members and items available are comprised of “wish list” selected by our members.  We have a variety of tools and equipment available to borrow, as needed, for designated time period.  One of the requirements is mandatory training on each tool before it can be used.  Please see the equipment inventory list below for items available and the Tool Barn Guidelines.

Tool Barn Equipment Inventory

Tool Barn Guidelines

It’s important that you discuss the Tool Barn program with your agency’s administrators, supervisor and fiscal department.  Please be advised that there is no fee for using this equipment, there may be some expenses involved such as fuel/oil and participant(s) should carefully review the guideline rules prior to borrowing any equipment.

Once you have determined the Tool Barn item you would like to request, please complete a Toolbarn Request and Release Form.

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Only individuals who have a signed and submitted a registration form and have received training will be allowed to borrow and use any Tool Barn equipment.

Tool Barn requests are ONLY accepted from Commonwealth of Massachusetts state agencies.

For further information, please contact Michele Davis at 617-727-4050 ext 31330 or DCAMM Central Region Headquarters at 220 Old Common Road, Lancaster, MA at 978-365-7352.



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