Transient Vendor

Required for anyone conducting temporary or seasonal indoor sales in Massachusetts

Division of Standards

The Details of Transient Vendor

What you need for Transient Vendor

Transient Vendor Information.

  1. If you are registering for first time create an account to start the application process. Make sure to complete the application. Incomplete applications may delay the approval process. 

The name of the applicant must be the name of the individual and not in the name of the business.

  1. A bond is required, and the original bond must be signed and attached to the application. 

A five hundred ($500.00) dollar bond must be completed by the insurance or bonding company for endorsement and Corporate Seal of the Company. If you are renewing your license the bond must run concurrent with license. Transient Vendor Bond

The bond must be in the individuals name and not in the name of the business.

  1. The license fee is one hundred dollars ($100.00). Please note, the online payment option will expedite the process. If mailing in a payment make all checks payable to the COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS.
  2. The License is valid for three years from date of issue.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition, a local Transient Vendor License must be obtained from each municipality where business is to be conducted. All licenses are subject to local rules and regulations and must be obtained prior to selling any goods, wares, or merchandise.

Fees for Transient Vendor

Fee: $100.00 per regular application/renewal.

All fees are non-refundable 

Name Fee Unit
Transient Vendor $100 each

How to apply Transient Vendor

Fee $100.00

Complete the application and obtain a bond if required. 

We only accept payment by money order or check (personal, bank or business check). Make checks payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We do not accept any other form of payment including cash and credit/debit cards.


Walk-in service:

Division of Standards

One Ashburton Place, Room 1115

Boston, MA 02108


Same day registration does not guarantee same day approval. Please visit our online portal for easy access to the application. 

Downloads for Transient Vendor

Contact for Transient Vendor

1000 Washington Street , Suite 510, Boston, MA 02118
(617) 727-5705


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