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Firms or individuals wishing to view project information, including a list of project bidders or RFQ/RFP respondents, must register with the DCAMM’s E-Bid Room host vendor, BidExpress, an Infotech, Inc. application.

DCAMM Bid Room

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How to register   View DCAMM Bid/RFQ/RFP Responses

Please register with BidExpress/Infotech to access DCAMM’s Bid/RFQ/RFP responses.

There is no cost to register.


  1. Go to the BidExpress/Infotech website.
  2. Complete the Infotech online registration form.  Please note: the registration page includes two sections – “My Info” and “My Business”.  You must complete both sections even if you are registering for an individual account.
  3. Follow the Infotech instructions to confirm your registration.
  4. Return to this page to access DCAMM’s E-Bid Rooms at the links below.

More info   for View DCAMM Bid/RFQ/RFP Responses

For public access to bid results on M.G.L. c.149,44A/149A/30,39M projects, please use this BidExpress link after registering with BidExpress.

For public access to a list of respondents for M.G.L. c.25A, § 11C energy projects, use this BidExpress link after registering with BidExpress.

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1 Ashburton Place, 15th floor, Boston, MA 02108

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