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I-90 Interchange Study

A conceptual planning study examining the feasibility of a new interchange on I-90 between Exits 2 and 3.

MassDOT is conducting a study that will evaluate the feasibility of the establishment of an interchange on the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90 (I-90), between the existing interchanges located in the Town of Lee and the City of Westfield (Exits 2 and 3, respectively). Civic, business and political leaders in the area have been discussing the benefits of a new interchange for some time.

The study will focus on the creation of an interchange intended to provide better access to and from I-90 for the communities in the surrounding areas, while also mitigating traffic bound for I-90 away from Lee and Westfield. It will examine the alternatives to the extent possible in the context of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian use, transit use, land use, and cost, as well as resulting economic, social and cultural impacts. It will then produce a final report that includes the study’s analytical findings, preliminary cost estimates, recommendations, and other relevant details.

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