A Soldier's Child Foundation

Resources for benefits for veterans affected by exposure to Agent Orange.

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About the program

As citizens of the U.S.A., we are forever indebted to the men and women who so unselfishly protect our freedoms. It is our objective to communicate through A Soldier's Child (ASC) to the children left behind, that the memory of their parent will not fade away. We want them to know that there are many Americans that are forever grateful for their parent's sacrifice.

 With humility as parents, we aim to keep the legacy of the Soldier alive by celebrating the birthday of his or her children. Recipients will receive a gift from ASC on each birthday through age 18.


Who is eligible

A Soldier's Child Foundation was established to stand by the children of the military men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our lives and our country's freedom.

Our benefits are available to the children, 18 years of age and younger, whose parent, from any branch of the military, lost his or her life while on active duty. Eligibility shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. A surviving parent, legal guardian, or grandparent may enroll an eligible child.

How to apply

Visit https://www.asoldierschild.org/enroll-your-child for detailed instructions on how to apply.


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