About the Massachusetts Dredging Program

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Coastal harbors up and down Massachusetts play a vital role in driving the Commonwealth’s blue economy. Without dredging, many of these harbors would become impassable for commercial and recreational vessels.    

The MA Dredging Program is a capital grant program that provides funding to coastal municipalities for saltwater dredging. One-year construction grants are competitively awarded with a focus on shovel-ready projects that support the economic vitality, vibrant waterfronts, maritime safety, or ecosystem health of Massachusetts’s harbors.

Program Eligibility

MA Dredging Grants are offered on a competitive basis for dredging of public tidelands and dredged material disposal. All Massachusetts coastal municipalities are eligible to apply. A minimum 50% non-state match is required for any application to be considered.  

For complete program requirements, please refer to the RFP and application for the current grant round. New rounds typically open in the winter or spring.

Please note that pre-construction costs, or costs associated with the study, design, engineering, permitting, or real property transactions of a dredging project, are not eligible for funding. Coastal municipalities may consider the Seaport Economic Council Grant Program for potential funding opportunities related to pre-construction costs.

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