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Learn more about how the Office of State Auditor Diana DiZoglio makes government work better for the residents of the Commonwealth.

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Making Government Work Better

State Auditor Diana DiZoglio serves as the chief accountability officer for Massachusetts state government and its residents. Her office conducts audits of state entities and contractors to assess their performance and recommend improvements to make government work better. 

$1.4 billion  The amount of improper spending or missed savings opportunities identified by the Office of the State Auditor since 2011.


In addition to ensuring tax dollars are spent wisely, audits, reports and investigations have also improved state government performance. 

The OSA has offices in Boston, Marlborough, Chicopee, and Brockton.

Accountability Beyond Audits

Through its Division of Local Mandates, the State Auditor's office also assists local and state government leaders to identify and address the impacts of unfunded mandates. Since 1983, the work of the Division of Local Mandates has helped to provide over $362.9 million in state funding or other remediation to local communities. 

$362.9 million  The amount of state funding or other remediation provided to local governments as a result of the work of the Office of the State Auditor.

Recognizing the important role that public benefit programs play in the lives of many of the Commonwealth's most vulnerable residents, through its Bureau of Special Investigations, the Office of the State Auditor identifies fraud in these programs to ensure they are operating with integrity. To accomplish this, the development and use of sophisticated data analytics tools to proactively identify fraudulent activity in these programs was used. In fiscal year 2020, the office identified a record $8.2 million in public assistance fraud. 

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