Accessibility consulting for Commonwealth agencies

Test the accessibility of electronic documents, trainings, websites, or software

All Executive Branch agencies are required to comply with the Enterprise Information Technology Accessibility Policy issued by the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security.

Compliance with this policy ensures that employees and members of the public with disabilities can equally access digital content such as software provided to employees, websites, electronic documents, and other information technology used to conduct business in the Commonwealth.

MOD offers Commonwealth agencies:

  • Guidance on understanding obligations under Enterprise Information Technology Accessibility Policy
  • Access to a subject matter expert when planning for procurement
  • Small-scale AT/IT assistance to test the accessibility of electronic documents, trainings, websites, or software

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Please email your inquiry to If possible, please include the following information in your email:

  • The agency requesting the consulting
  • The type of project or product you are inquiring about (for example: an electronic document, e-learning, a database, etc.)
  • The current stage of the project or product (for example: procurement, deployment, etc.)
  • The type of assistance you are seeking (for example: screen reader use testing, advice, compliance verification, etc.)


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