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Alternative work options

Offering flexible work options, such as working from home, staggered hours and job sharing, helps the Commonwealth attract and retain employees by accommodating a variety of lifestyles, living situations, and preferences.

As an employer, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is keenly aware of changing workforce trends, including remote work. The Alternative Work Options Program was established to give state employees greater flexibility in their work schedules.

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Telework, also referred to as telecommuting, remote work and work from home, is the act of working at an alternative location rather than physically traveling back and forth to a designated site. Teleworkers "commute" to work via computer and phone networks rather than by car or public transit, on certain days.

More on telework for Commonwealth employees. 

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Compressed work weeks

Compressed work weeks are a form of flextime enabling employees to work  4- or 4.5-day work weeks.


Flextime permits employees to establish variable arrival and departure times within guidelines established by agency management.

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Job sharing

Job sharing enables two or more employees to split responsibilities assigned to one position.

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Part-time employment

A part-time employee is scheduled to work at least half-time, but less than full-time.

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Staggered work hours

Staggered work hours enables employees to establish fixed arrival and departure times other than the standard 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

For more information about Alternative work options at your agency, speak with your Human Resources officer. 

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