Appendix B: Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring Alerts

An overview of alcohol monitoring alerts.

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Automated Facial Intelligence Pending Review

Generated when SCRAMNET receives a test with a passed [breath alcohol concentration level, or BrAC] level but the facial recognition does not match.

Device Battery Critically Low

Generated when the battery in a SCRAM Remote Breath device has reached a level that requires immediate charging.

Device Battery Low

Generated when the battery in a SCRAM Remote Breath device is at a level that requires charging.

Device Housing Breach

Generated when the battery door is removed from a SCRAM Remote Breath device.

Extended Missed Communication

Generated when a [Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, or SCRAM] Remote Breath Device has not communicated with SCRAMNET for 24 hours. This alert would only come after multiple Scheduled Test Not Received Alerts.

Failed Test

Generated when a client provides a positive air sample with a BrAC above the acceptable threshold (.020).

Incomplete Test

Generated when a client does complete a scheduled test. ie; did not blow long enough, did not blow into straw correctly.

Missed Test

Generated when a client does not take a scheduled test.

Scheduled Test Not Received

Generated when SCRAMNET does NOT receive a test result within 90 minutes of the scheduled time test.


Date published: November 8, 2021

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