Apply for a Marijuana Pardon Certificate

Apply for a Pardon Certificate if you are an adult who has a misdemeanor conviction for marijuana possession before March 13, 2024.

On March 13, 2024, Governor Maura T. Healey announced a one-time, large-scale pardon effort for people with certain misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions. 

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About the Marijuana Pardon Certificate

You don’t need to request a marijuana pardon certificate to receive a pardon or for your records to be updated. State agencies will start automatically updating many records for those who are eligible for a pardon. Limitations in electronic court records will mean that not everyone will have their record updated that way. 

The certificate is proof of the pardon and may help remove civil or legal restrictions because of the conviction. 

Why would I need a Marijuana Pardon Certificate?

You should apply for the certificate if:

  • You need proof of the pardon before your record is updated or   

  • You believe that your record is not updated through the automatic process 

What offenses does this pardon cover?

The pardon forgives all Massachusetts state court misdemeanor convictions for possession of marijuana (sometimes referred to as possession of a “Class D substance”) before March 13, 2024.

The pardon does not apply to: 

  • Criminal cases resolved after March 13, 2024
  • Other marijuana-related convictions such as possession with intent to distribute, distribution, trafficking, or operating a vehicle under the influence
  • Convictions from jurisdictions outside Massachusetts, including federal court 
  • Continuances without a finding or other non-conviction dispositions for possession of marijuana  
  • Persons who are under the age of 21 at the time of the pardon

Apply for the Marijuana Pardon Certificate

Complete the form with your:

  • Current mailing address
  • Contact information
  • Case information, such as your docket number and the year and location the offense occurred. You don’t have to enter information about your case, but it will help make your process faster.  

Your application may be delayed or rejected if information in your application is incorrect or incomplete.

It might take several months for the Governor's Office to review your application. If you are eligible to receive a certificate of pardon, the Governor’s Office will send your certificate to the mailing address you provide in your application.  

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