Archive of school immunization data and exemption rates

Data on vaccination and exemption rates from school immunization surveys of childcare/preschool, kindergarten, grade 7, grade 11, and college.

This page contains the results of prior years data from the School Immunization Survey. Data from the current year are posted here.

The data show immunization coverage rates of required vaccines (e.g., DTaP, Tdap, polio, HepB, and varicella) as well as medical and religious exemption rates to these vaccines. The data are presented by school and by county.

Table of Contents

Childcare/Preschool survey results

Kindergarten survey results

Immunization rates by school

Immunization & exemption rates by county

3-year kindergarten data by school

This spreadsheet combines 3 years of data from the kindergarten immunization survey for each school. Some schools report fewer than 30 students per year and are not reported in the single year data. These schools may appear here if enough students have been reported over the course of 3 years.

Grade 7 survey results

Grade 11 survey results

College survey results

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