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BioMap: The Future of Conservation in Massachusetts

BioMap guides strategic protection and stewardship of lands and waters that are most important for conserving biological diversity in Massachusetts.

MassWildlife and The Nature Conservancy released the newly-updated BioMap tool in November 2022. The BioMap web portal delivers the latest scientific data and resources to help state and local governments, land trusts, non-government organizations, and other conservation partners strategically plan projects to conserve wildlife and their habitats. The latest version of BioMap combines more than 40 years of rigorously documented rare species and natural community records from MassWildlife with cutting-edge climate resilience data from The Nature Conservancy and spatial data identifying intact fish and wildlife communities, habitats, and ecosystems that are the focus of the Massachusetts State Wildlife Action Plan.

Go to mass.gov/BioMap to start exploring

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Introducing the new BioMap webinar (Recorded January 18, 2023)

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