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Massachusetts has more award-winning farmstead cheese makers per capita than any other state in the U.S!  There are over 100 amazing varieties of cheese to choose from, perfect for pairing with wine or in the spotlight as an appetizer.  These artisan producers make cheese in small batches, mostly by hand, and often use traditional production and aging techniques.

Massachusetts cheese production and farms

Every year Massachusetts artisan dairy producers make over 650,000 pounds of cheese.  About half of the cheesemakers use cow’s milk, mostly from brown Jersey, and black and white Holstein cows. The other half is mostly from dairy goats such as La Mancha and Alpine. Massachusetts cheese producers preserve picturesque open space. They farm over 2,000 acres of land, with some 700 acres exclusively used for grazing.

Many of the cheesemakers sell product on-line. Look for their flavorful cheeses in supermarkets, farm stands, restaurants, and specialty food stores.  A few offer farm tours or have their own retail store. Be sure to check the cheesemaker’s website to order or find out where it’s available. 

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