Clean Heat Standard Program Development

Current and archived materials for the development of a Clean Heat Standard.

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Program Development Timeline

Current Program Development Materials

In late 2023, MassDEP released the Clean Heat Standard draft program framework addressing key policy design topics. MassDEP hosted a technical session reviewing the framework and has posted the slides and a recording of the session. MassDEP also held two Virtual Community Meetings covering the framework and recent comments. Stakeholders were asked to submit comments on the framework by December 21, and MassDEP continues to welcome additional feedback and questions on the framework and CHS program development.

Below MassDEP has posted links to the draft program framework and several other supporting resources, including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. The FAQ document is updated periodically in response to stakeholder questions.

Archive of Program Development Materials

MassDEP has published a variety of resources to foster stakeholder discussion and feedback about the development of a Clean Heat Standard.

The following is an archive of past materials, and some documents may not fully reflect current thinking on the program. The most recent updates on the Clean Heat Standard can be found under Program Current Program Development Materials above.

Please note these are conceptual documents, some of which have been prepared by contractors to support program development, and are not proposed regulations. MassDEP will first need to complete a rulemaking process and provide additional opportunities for public and stakeholder comment.

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