Companies that have been debarred from doing business with the Commonwealth

Companies that are not allowed to do business with the state.

When a business has been issued a Stop Work Order (SWO) by the Office of Investigations, it is placed on the Department of Industrial Accidents' Debarment List. Once on the Debarment List, a business is prevented from bidding or participating in any state or municipally-funded contracts for a period of 3 years and, where applicable, is subject to penalties provided under MGL c.152, §14.

In addition, the Attorney General also has the authority to debar businesses. Employers who violate certain laws may automatically be prohibited from contracting with the state or any municipal entity (city or town) for any public building (construction) or other public works. Debarment applies to all affiliates of the contractor or subcontractor as well as any successor company or corporation. This list contains current and historical debarment information from the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division. For more information, please see M.G.L. c. 149, §27C(a)(3) and §27C(b)(3).

A list of businesses that have been debarred

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