Compliance Reports Upload Portal

A new portal for uploading compliance reports

Table of Contents

What is the portal for?

The compliance reports upload portal is for sites or facilities which file compliance reports or certifications with MassDEP that are required by permit or regulation. A list of reports and certifications that can be filed in the portal is available.

How will the portal work?

  • The upload portal will require you to create an account using a valid email address
  • It will ask you to identify the Site/Facility number for the report you're uploading 
  • It will also ask you to identify the type of report and other details like the reporting period, if applicable
  • The upload portal will then let you upload files for the site and report selected
  • It will also let you view and download previously uploaded reports.

Contacts & Help

MassDEP program contacts

Compliance Reports Upload Portal Contacts
If you need additional helping finding a site to upload or determine correct reports to upload.   

Login help

Compliance Reports Upload Portal Login Guidance
Guidance to create/manage your account – step-by-step instructions.  

Uploading, viewing & searching documents

Compliance Reports Upload Portal System Guidance
Guidance using the upload system that includes: 

  • Identifying the Site/Facility for uploading 

  • Selecting the report to upload and providing details 

  • Uploading the documents for each report  

  • Viewing/downloading reports that have been uploaded 

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