Converting to Energy Efficient Electric Heating

Resources for Merrimack Valley Homeowners and Business Owners Interested in Converting to All Energy Efficient Electric

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Converting to all electric

Energy efficient electric equipment offers a clean, efficient option to convert from natural gas for home heating, hot water heating, cooking and clothes drying.

  • Electric Induction Stove
  • Electric Clothes Dryer
  • Air source heat pump (for heating)
  • Electric hot water heater

What is an air source heat pump (mini-split)?

  • Air source heat pumps (ASHP), also known as mini-splits, transfer heat in and out of a building rather than generating it. ASHPs use the same process that makes a refrigerator or air conditioner work: think about it as an air conditioner that can also run in reverse.  
  • ASHPs can be ductless, providing heating and cooling to individual rooms of your home, or ducted, using your existing ductwork to serve as a central heating and cooling system.
  • An ASHP system is a cleaner, greener alternative. It can provide heat for a lower cost and with lower emissions than oil, propane, or electric resistance—and you get high-efficiency air conditioning at the same time.

Benefits of an air source heat pump

  • Energy bill savings
    If you heat with propane, oil, or electric resistance heating, you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your heating bill by installing a mini-split.

  • Efficient all-in-one heating and cooling
    ASHPs provide heating, cooling, and dehumidification in the same system. Improve the comfort of your home year-round.

  • Flexibility
    They come in ductless and ducted varieties and can be installed to address different needs—whether you want to replace your existing system or just want to add heating or cooling to a one or a few rooms.

  • Lower your carbon footprint
    Recognized by Massachusetts as a clean heating and cooling technology, ASHPs will help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about air source heat pumps

  • Cold climate mini-splits are a cleaner, greener alternative to fossil fuels - all while providing high-efficiency air conditioning at the same time.
Date published: October 5, 2018
Last updated: October 5, 2018