Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) Network

CFCE programs are locally-based programs in your community that provide child development services and resources to families with young children.

There are over 80 CFCE programs across the state, and in total, the CFCE network provides services to 350 cities and towns in Massachusetts. 

The CFCE network helps to promote and support:

  • Parent education and family engagement
  • Early literacy and child development
  • Collaboration between local early education and care partners
  • Transitions between early education and care settings, home and school
  • High-quality programs and service delivery

What we do

Find a CFCE program near you.

We help families with:

  • Child development information
  • Transition information and support
  • Family assistance
  • Timely support in periods of family crisis
  • High quality, specific, and up-to-date information on early education and care programs and referrals
  • Family literacy and school readiness
  • Family and community events
  • Parent leadership opportunities
  • Information about community resources that support you as your child's first teacher

We help the early education and care community with:

  • Accessing training and other professional development opportunities
  • Opportunities to share best practices and resources
  • Finding technical assistance and local resources to help them meet quality standards

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