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About the Committee

The Massachusetts Legislature formed the Court Management Advisory Board (CMAB) to assist the justices of the supreme judicial court, the chief justice of the trial court, and the court administrator on all matters of judicial reform.  Per Mass. General Laws Chapter 211B, Section 6A, the CMAB is comprised of ten members appointed according to categories of experience, including business administration, civil law, criminal law, and information technology, in addition to the attorney general or designee, and the executive director or the Massachusetts office of victim assistance.   Appointed members serve for a term of three years and for a maximum of two terms.  The committee was created following the recommendation of the Monan Committee in 2003.

Committee Members

Mark D. Smith, Esq., Chair
Partner, Laredo &Smith, LLP
Ziyad Hopkins, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Youth Advocacy Department; Roxbury Office, Committee for Public Counsel Services

Inga T. Lennes, MD, MBA, MPH
Senior Vice President Performance Improvement and Service Excellence at Massachusetts General Hospital

Liam Lowney, ex officio
Executive Director, Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance

Donald Oppenheimer
Associate Dean and Chief Information Officer, John F. Kennedy School of Government

Lon F. Povich, Esq.
Counsel, Anderson & Kreiger

Susan Rossi Cook, Esq. 
Susan Rossi Cook Attorney & Mediator

Paige Scott Reed, Esq.
Partner, Prince Lobel

Anne Sterman, Esq., ex officio
Designee of Attorney General Chief of the Trial Division, Office of the Attorney General

Kenneth Turner
Director, Diversity & Inclusion / Compliance, Massachusetts Port Authority

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