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Court system COVID-19 video resources

A collection of video resources explaining court procedures during COVID-19.

Table of Contents

Remote/virtual court services

This video shares information about court services that are available remotely during COVID-19. 


This video is also viewable in Portuguese and Spanish.

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What to expect when you come to court

As courthouses across the Commonwealth reopen to the public on a limited basis, this video shares operational guidelines and protocols to keep the public and court staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This video is also viewable in Cape Verdean, Spanish, and Portuguese

What to Expect When You Are Summoned to Jury Duty

Courthouses across the state are gradually reopening to the public and resuming jury trials. This video tells you what to expect when you are summoned for jury service.

How to access Trial Court Law Libraries and Court Service Centers remotely

This video provides an overview on how to access Trial Court Law Libraries and Court Service Centers remotely. 


This video is also viewable in Spanish and Portuguese

MassLegalHelp video: Asking for a restraining order during the COVID pandemic

If you are isolated in your home with someone who is hurting you physically, emotionally, or sexually, help is available. Learn more below.

A virtual meeting with the Chief Justice and Court Administrator for the Massachusetts Bar

Chief Justice Paula Carey and Court Administrator Jon Williams were joined by Trial Court Department Chief Justices in an hour-long forum on the measures in place to ensure the safe reopening of courts and the efforts and initiatives underway to ensure the delivery of justice.

The meeting covered general information including: 

  • Overview of Court Department Standing Orders
  • Reopening Timeline & Court Practices 
  • Environmental Controls & Entry Screening at Courthouses
  • Access to Clerks and Registers Offices 
  • Continuance of virtual hearings & remote processing, wherever possible
  • Questions & Answers 
Last updated: February 17, 2021