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Department of Mental Health Health Changes

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health recognizes the essential role of wellness in recovery from psychiatric illness. Recent data from Massachusetts and other states show that those with psychiatric illness die from treatable medical illnesses at rates that are significantly higher than those without psychiatric illness, dying up to 25 years earlier than the general population from cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness and lung cancer. In light of this significant health disparity with substantially increased risk of early death and significant disabling illness among consumers we serve, DMH established the Healthy Changes Initiative.

The mission of the DMH Healthy Changes Initiative is to improve the quality of life, health and wellness of individuals at risk for illness and premature death and eliminate the significant health disparity among individuals with serious mental illness.

Included here are resources and tools to help improve the health and wellness of consumers served by DMH as well as information for everyone interested in making Healthy Changes.

Metabolic Syndrome: What is it? A tool to help you know your numbers and find out if you are at risk

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