Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH)

The Department of Mental Health, as the State Mental Health Authority, assures and provides access to services and supports to meet the mental health needs of individuals of all ages; enabling them to live, work and participate in their communities.

There could be more to the story

Sometimes our words hide how we really feel. Introducing #MoreToTheStory, a new pubic awareness campaign that encourages people to look beyond words like "I'm OK" and recognize the signs that someone may be struggling with their mental health. Normalizing the conversation about mental health empowers people to talk and get the help they need. When you think something feels off, ask, listen, encourage, check in. 

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Visit the #MoreToTheStory campaign website 

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Central Office
25 Staniford St., Boston, MA 02114


Emergency/Crisis Line - Available 24 Hours (877) 382-1609

Available Monday through Friday 9am-5pm

DMH Information and Resource Line Voicemail Box (800) 221-0053

This voicemail box is checked regularly Monday through Friday. Calls are returned within 48 hours.

Who we serve

Most mental health services, including medication and therapy are provided through health insurance – MassHealth (Medicaid), the Massachusetts Health Connector (health insurance marketplace) or through private insurance (employer-based).  The Department of Mental Health (DMH) has a specialized role in the healthcare delivery system as DMH provides supplemental services for people with the most serious needs. To learn more, view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and view our calendar of upcoming events

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