E-Bid Room is Transitioning to Electronic Bid Bonds

Learn about the newest enhancement to DCAMM's construction contract procurement process.

The Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM) is enhancing its construction contract procurement processes by transitioning to an Electronic Bid Bond submission process.  On projects advertised on or after July 1, 2022, Bidders will have the option of submitting an electronic bid bond (e-Bond) by utilizing one of two different e-Bond vendors, either Surety 2000 or SuretyWave. Options for using either of these two e-Bond vendors, Surety 2000 or SuretyWave and the option of the existing paper submission process, will appear on the forms for submission of general bids and filed sub-bids in DCAMM’s E-Bid Room starting July 1, 2022.

Bidders interested in taking advantage of the streamlined e-Bond process option should take the following actions now:

  1. Confirm that the Bidder’s bonding agent is registered to utilize either the Surety 2000 or SuretyWave e-Bond platform. If they are not, you may want to discuss the option with your bonding agent.
  2. If the Bidder’s bonding agent has an account with one of these vendors and Bidder itself has not already registered to utilize the same e-Bond vendor, Surety 2000 or SuretyWave, Bidder should register to use the same vendor as its bonding agent.
  3. Once confirmed that both the bonding agent and Bidder have an active account with either of the two e-Bond vendors, Bidder will be able to utilize the selected vendor’s platform to establish and then submit bidder’s electronic bid bond with its general bids or filed sub-bids, by checking the relevant boxes and providing the requested information in the electronic bid submission process in DCAMM’s e-Bid Room.

When bidding on a particular DCAMM project using the e-Bond vendor process Bidder will be required to enter a unique code for the bid bond for each individual project which will be provided to them by the e-Bond vendor and/or their Bonding Agent. The Bidder will then insert that unique code for that particular project into its bid form in DCAMM’s E-Bid Room. This code is used by the bidder, the bonding agent, e-Bond vendor and DCAMM to verify the bidder has obtained a valid bid bond for the particular project being bid. For more information about electronic bid bond options available for use in DCAMM’s E-Bid Room you can contact your bonding agent or either of the two e-Bond vendors below:

  Surety 2000 (S2000) SuretyWave
web Surety2000.com SuretyWave.com
phone 1-800-660-3263 1-800-989-6417
email help@surety2000.com support@suretywave.com

Vendors will need the following information when they are requesting an e-Bond from their bonding agent/ e-Bond vendor of their choice: Bidder’s DCAMM E-Bid Room/Bid Express assigned Contractor ID number located in the Business Information section of their My Profile tab; the Contract ID/solicitation number for the individual project they are bidding; the Bid Bond Percentage (5%); the name of the agency they are bidding to (Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance); and the bid due/deadline date.

For those not opting to use the e-Bond process, Paper Bid Bonds will continue to be accepted. Bidders submitting paper bid bonds will continue to be required to scan and attach their bid bond/bank check with their electronic bid submission and submit their original bid bond/bank check to DCAMM immediately following the Bid opening. See Instructions to Bidders: Preparation of Bids section, for further information.

For information or support with DCAMM’s E-Bid Room, Infotech®/Bid Express® is available-Support Hours: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM Eastern, Phone: 888-352-2439/Email: support@bidexpress.com

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