You’ve got record numbers of job openings. You can’t find skilled workers.

Whether you want to hire immediately, access training partners for specific skills, or find funding to train your employees, Massachusetts is expanding opportunities for employers and residents.

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Hire Employees Now

Need to hire employees now? Employers throughout the Commonwealth work with MassHire Career Centers to recruit talent.

Schedule an appointment with the Business Service Representative at your nearest MassHire Career Center.

Build a Pipeline of Skilled (new) Employees

Market Makers connect employers to training partners with access to training funds to build a steady employee pipeline.

Upskill My Current Workforce

Market Makers connect employers to training partners to navigate funding to reskill your current employees.

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FutureSkills is brought to you by the MassHire Department of Career Services, Executive Offices of Labor and Workforce Development, Housing and Economic Development, and Education. Grants are administered by Commonwealth Corporation. 

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